The Art of Logan Stahl

----Hi! I'm Logan (alias "Tachyon" or "Lil Tachyon" on most sites) and this is my homepage. I'm an artist specializing in science fiction and fantasy illustration. My artwork has appeared in several roleplaying games and I've written and illustrated several books of my own. I intend for this page to serve as an archive of some of my personal favorite pieces as well as the more notable projects I've worked on. It is desgined to be as simple as possible both so that I can mantain it on my own and so that it is easy and quick to navigate on older computers. For a truly exhaustive archive of my work, please visit my tumblr or DeviantArt. (I'm also on Twitter and Insta, for better or for worse.) If you'd like to see sneak previews, sketches, and art I haven't posted onlne, consider backing me on Patreon. If you want to hang some of my drawings on your wall, I sell prints through Inprnt

For business inquiries, or just to say hi, send an email to: Thanks for visiting!