Characters from Coelum

Coelum is a book I worked on intermittently from my senior year of college until early 2021. Inspired by 19th century traveler's journals and, moreover, the crop of genre fiction books from the 80s and 90s inspired by them (Expedition and Dinotopia being two good examples). It's a little rough, but I absolutely loved working on it and I learned a ton in the process. Every book I make in the future will owe a debt to this one. Pick up a copy and see all of the other characters and creatures I drew at Studio Pombe

Golfhino Pilgrim

An old pilgrim from the waterwolds, accompanied by two drones containing the digitized consciousnesses of his friends and family that couldn’t make the journey in person.


A monk of the Cyan Order, known for their ornate and skillful textile work.

Resolute Guardsman

An android animated by the uploaded consciousness of a truly devoted Whorlism practitioner. Such guards are stationed at the all the most important Whorlist pilgrimage sites. While certainly intimidating and deadly, their function is ultimately mostly ceremonial. They exist to lend an air of sanctity and respectabilty to holy sites. Actual security work is better carried out by orbital sniper drones and nanite security fog.


No matter how many customs checkpoints and security scans you set up, smugglers will always find a way to move their illicit wares through. Coelum is no exception.

Reliquary Goelm

Androids programmed with the uploaded thoughts of a sinless infant, ritually sacrificed. They wander Coelum, seemingly at random, and are believed to perform miracles.