Mecha Pilots

Guns for hire and expert pilots of the most dangerous and unwieldy weapons of war ever designed by man.


The Bruiser. Tanks gauss shots like so many gnats. A veritable wall for allies to hide behind.


Quickdraw specialist, lightning operative. By the time you look up your mech's already been disabled by several thousand rounds of depleted uranium slugs.


Blademaster. You never know from where there next attack will come, and you never will. Dangerous and unpredictable, in and out of a mech.


Rare indeed and more dangerous still is she who lives to wield a mech long after the fire of youth has cooled. Experience trumps ferocity 9 times out of ten. In the Matriarch's case, it's more like 9.99999 times.


She's in your code, manipulating ones and zeros like children's playthings. Dare to fire up your sensors? BAM! Your whole processor's fried and you've just pinged your location to every hostile operative in a 12 klick radius. Way to go, genius.


A pleasant demeanor and a flashy smile can be disarming. Don't be fooled. The man that buoys the spirits of his team comes crashing down like a tsunami upon his enemies.


Target spotted. Curvature of the earth, wind velocity, target velocity, time of day, etc. all taken into account. Shot fired. Target neutralized. Time: 0.85 seconds.


Faceless one. Berzerker. Severs souls from bodies.

Done for an upcoming mecha board game. Don't have any details on the game, but the characters were a blast to design.