The inahbitants of the lands in and around Shansar, the Last City

The Runaway

Impetuous young heiress of a country estate. For reasons unknown, she flees a privileged life in favor of the scum and dreck of Shanasar...


Farmhands, such as might be seen on the estates fringing Shanasar.

Golems, constructs from the Antecedent Ages, usually handle light supervisory roles, maintaining routine and day-to-day work. They are animated by the uploaded consciousnesses of family ancestors. Most are so old that time has somewhat rotted their hardware, limiting their intelligence and ability to emulate their animating personalities. This most often manifests itself in a golem’s personality taking on the traits of childhood or late senescence. The golem pictured shows signs of having been well-loved for generations- elaborate decorative engravings and a hand-made death mask displaying the visage of a family ancestor.

Servitors are also relics of the Antecedent Ages, but of a different sort. Tradition, backed by the few known pre-decline records of their existence, holds that they are a created race, bred by the Antecedents for manual labor. They are generally regarded as subhuman in intellect, but through training and coercion they can be made to perform a host of useful, menial tasks. Their numbers in the labor force have risen and fallen through the ages in accordance with public attitudes regarding their treatment. In light of the ongoing and poorly understood declines in human fertility, servitors have seen increasing use in a labor force whose human constituents seem to grow fewer with every passing year. It is said that far from human settlements, feral servitors form tribes and are known to engage in tool-making and the construction of simple architecture, but this cannot be verified.

I have a bunch of notes for this setting and a good chunk of story sketched out. At some point I'd like to adapt it as a comic but only time will tell when that will happen